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Our Initiatives

Economic Empowerment

The provision of skills training in a variety of courses, entrepreneurial exposure and creation of opportunities to increase the earning potential, economic empowerment and access to mainstream employment among FSWs, decreasing their vulnerability and exploitation.

“Feed a Family” Drive

Every Christmas, the food drive is a great opportunity for individuals, social groups or even corporate partners to make a tangible difference, and brighten the holidays of a family who may otherwise not have one.

Mental Health Support

The provision of mental health support for women receiving services at Jabez House to work through themes of trauma, drug use, esteem and other psychological-related issues. Sessions are facilitated by trained psychologists.

Basic Needs Assistance

The organization has a year-round food bank where clients are provided with food basket assistance. Assistance with medical care, clothing, and in extreme cases housing are also facilitated under this program.

“From Teen to Queen”

This initiative which began in 2021 targets young, vulnerable girls (between 11 and 16 years old) from at-risk communities, giving them access to skills training and mentorship.

Parenting Classes

Most of the clients served are mothers, who have expressed the need for additional support with parenting.

Street Outreach

Street outreach is the main vein and the heart of Jabez House, as it remains one of the primary ways FSWs learn of Jabez House and the services offered. During outreach, ladies receive condoms, lubricants, information and any other resources necessary to work safely.

How can you help?

If you think Jabez House is a worthy cause, consider how can you can support by joining our community of donors and partners. Your donations go a long way.

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