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Empowering Women,

Transforming Lives

Jabez House exists to be a haven of hope and empowerment for female sex workers (FSWs), facilitating their transition process from sex work via access to alternative economic empowerment opportunities. The organization was birthed out of dialogue with several female sex workers in some of the “red light district” areas in Barbados early in 2012.

Through engagement with the target population, participants expressed a desire to have a program that could teach them alternative skills and educational training, in efforts to help them address issues of poverty, economic dependence and illiteracy among others.

Many spoke openly about feeling desperate and powerless to do anything different about their situations. Thus, after a few months of thought, plans were formalised and put in place to facilitate the development of this key population and provide an avenue for change. July 2012 marked the official founding of Jabez House (registered charity #943).

Shamelle Rice

Founder & Director

Racquel Green

Executive Administrator

Alison Beckles

Deputy Director & Trustee

Joycelyn Jones

Community Liaison Lead

All programs provided by Jabez House are offered free of cost to clients in order to remove barriers to participation and service uptake. Beneficiaries also include children of Jabez House clients.

Basic Needs

We’re committed to meeting basic needs by offering food baskets, hygiene products, medical assistance, and temporary housing. Through these efforts, we strive to provide essential support, ensuring the well-being of those facing challenges.

Economic Empowerment Training

We empower individuals through economic initiatives, offering skills training for personal and business development. Our goal is to foster self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship, enabling people to build sustainable livelihoods and contribute to their community’s economic growth.

Psychosocial Support

Our psychosocial support program offers counseling (individual and group), mentorship, street outreach for sexual and reproductive health services, and public sensitization. Through these initiatives, we provide a comprehensive approach to addressing the diverse needs of individuals facing challenges.

How can you help?

If you think Jabez House is a worthy cause, consider how can you can support by joining our community of donors and partners. Your donations go a long way.

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